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1 | 11-29 17:29 | Tom <>
Hello i am rich
2 | 11-29 14:04 | feds <>
3 | 11-29 12:16 | Larry <>
Hello, I am Larry.
4 | 11-28 23:07 | Jameson <>
I need some money and am looking for business opportunities as I need money for college and have none myself.
5 | 11-28 19:47 | Donald <>
Willing to hand out some dough, get in touch.
6 | 2022-11-28 | David <>
Special thanks to the nice young man who informed me of this website. I am David Hoffman, you can call me Dave. I have recently come across a lot of money and am looking for potential business partners to help me create additional income. Please see my email address for further contact.
7 | 2022-11-27 | Jimothy <>
I want stuff please
8 | 2022-11-27 | U. D. Craze <>
Hello, this is U.D. Craze, the Independent Consultant of the British West Africa Trade Company. An oil rig belonging to a partner of the company, O-She-Bay International, has recently concluded a large number of contracts for oil exploration in the sub-Sahara region, between the Ghanian border and your mother's house. The contracts have immediately produced moneys equalling ₦4,500,000. However, because of certain regulations of the Nigerian Government and threats from the local area boys, it is unable to move these funds to Nigeria properly.

That is why I offer you a business proposal; I would like to offer my dick in your mama's mouth. That's right, sir, my penis inside your mother's oral cavity. And the reason I offer this simple deal is because your fada, who is a mugu, a bastard, ode oshi, anuofia, efulefu, onye nzuzu and has given birth to a lowborn scammer like you. Your mama, who was born into a caste of ugly, inbred ashawo, got and nearly died in childbirth to create the biggest idiot aboki who ever graced upon this land. adiok ono fi, koni dafun baba mugu, you dey craze.

So, in conclusion, go fuck your mama, then your sister, then I will enter the spirit realm so I can fuck all of your ancestors and the god you pray to (I bet it's Eshu). Ogun kill your fada and chop you, thunder fire you and lightning strike you dead, small boy. Bayi jẹ alabaṣepọ iṣowo to dara ki o pa ararẹ.

9 | 2022-11-25 | Lonely Girl <>
lol im a lonely girl from upstate new york... you big booty dick ass men from nigeria better contact me rofl lmao hehe
10 | 2022-11-25 | Jack <>
Hello, I am Jack.
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